Glass fiber collars


Fibre glass collars are made in different heights and slopes. Each collar is insulated by a 2 cm thick PU foam. The sandwich structure ensures sufficient collar rigidity. The collar design can be individually adjusted to suit different types of roof covers (including trapezoidal sheets, etc.)


Steel collars


Steel collars are made of galvanized steel sheets, thickness 1.5 - 2mm. The standard insulation is made of rock wool.


White - RAL 9010

Collar height

According to CSN EN 1873 standard the domes must be installed 15 cm above the water insulation level. It is therefore important to select the right height of the collar.

  • 15cm - if the dome is to be installed on roof top (Fig. 1)
  • 30cm - if the dome is to be installed on roof cladding (Fig. 2)
  • 50cm - in case of high level of thermal insulation (Fig 3)